Professional Services. Personal Attention.

Fulgione Law Office, P.C. is a well established legal services firm that works as a team to provide zealous and dedicated representation with a focus on individual attention and solutions to each legal matter.

Fulgione Law Office, P.C. represents clients from every walk of life and in various legal matters. We vigorously pursue and seek appropriate and maximum recovery for our clients in personal injury cases, such as automobile accidents, slip and fall, product liability and other matters where our clients have been injured by the negligence of others.  We fight for the rights of individual in criminal matters when our clients are arrested and charged with crimes. We assist individuals and families during major transitions and changes in their lives, such as in divorce, custody, paternity and other domestic/family law matters. We also vigorously represent our clients in other civil litigation matters, and have affiliated lawyers who specialize in other areas of practice.

Attorney Fulgione is a trial attorney, with vast experience, knowledge and talents in the courtroom as well as out. He has built his firm on the principles of doing what is best and appropriate in each individual case, and has the experience to advocate and present each case in front of the court and a jury. Attorney Fulgione has a longstanding policy of taking an honest and straightforward approach to each legal matter, and tells the truth about all legal options and potential results available.

Fulgione Law Office, P.C. is also proud to be strongly involved in community and giving back.

If you are seeking experienced and dedicated legal representation for any matter, we invite you to CONTACT US at (781) 322-9200 for more information and/or to request a FREE initial consultation.